Got a flat? You should have a spare tire in the trunk. Most car dealerships include a "safety" donut tire or compact tire for temporary use. These tires only run for about 50 miles and should only be used to get you to the shop to fix the original tire. You can get a spare tire if you don't have one for a pretty cheap price. These tires are typically sold just for quick trips. You never want to take a spare compact tire on long drives.

Full-Size tires are more worthwhile if you want to be able to replace your tire immediately in a situation with a flat tire. These tires are often larger because they should be the same model as your other tires. You can buy a 5th tire usually to ensure that you have a spare when something goes wrong. Want to get a great price on a spare tire? Head to our auto parts shop in the Cherokee, IA region to get the best selection.

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