Bad Weather Events Call for Good Brakes

When was the last time you were forced to drive your vehicle in bad weather? It can sometimes be unsettling, especially if your brake pads are not operating at their best performance. Let the auto parts specialists here at Holzhauer Motors Ltd. in Cherokee, IA help!

Brake pads allow a motorist to have control over the disc brakes by sending brake fluid through the pistons that loosen or slow their grasp on the wheels. In inclement weather, such as a thunderstorm or winter storm, faulty brake pads can make it hard to control your car. Drivers are encouraged to pull their vehicles over to the side of the road or highway if they are driving with worn brakes at the onset of an impending severe weather event.

Another option would be to avoid driving the car at all until repairs can be made. If you find yourself in this situation, you can take your automobile to our service department for a fast and easy restoration or upgrade to your brake pads. Let us strengthen your car to handle unfavorable weather conditions with ease!

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