Does Your Engine Oil Match Your Driving Environment?

Have you ever noticed that your vehicle's performance may change depending on whether it is hot or cold outside? There is a sound and logical reason for this to happen. Oil is a key component determining how efficient your engine performs, and knowing what oil viscosity ratings mean will help you maintain efficiency in all weather conditions.

When you see the label on a bottle of oil, it is providing you with a lot of necessary information. Let's take 5W-30 for example. The W refers to winter. The 5 refers to the maximum low-temperature viscosity and the 30 refers to the maximum high-temperature viscosity. This information is necessary to make adjustments when seasons change.

If you are looking to make an update to your car due to an upcoming change in season or if you have more questions about oil viscosity, then feel free to come visit us at Holzhauer Motors Ltd. We are conveniently located in Cherokee, IA to address all of your needs.

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