How Does Horsepower Separate Vehicles?

How does horsepower separate vehicles? Horsepower is a unit of strength. It defines the power of your engine. How much can you haul? How much can you tow? These are all usually determined by the amount of your horsepower.

18th century inventor James Watt is credited with inventing the term horsepower. He was trying to sell more steam engines. He found that one horse could produce 22,000 foot-pounds of work in a single minute. He did this by having the horse pull a load of coal. He later increased the horsepower number to 33,000 foot-pounds. That number has lasted centuries. It stands today.

You might need more horsepower depending on the nature of your vehicle usage. Some people need to haul a certain amount of weight. Others have to pull trailers. The horsepower number is critical when deciding between different vehicles. Our dealership can help you make that decision. We have a tremendous amount of new and used inventory with varying amounts of horsepower. We'll definitely have a vehicle that will be able to help you with whatever job you need to get done.
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