It is important for you to keep the various components of your vehicle cooling system in good repair. The cooling system helps to keep your engine temperatures within manageable levels, and one of the components that is central to this process is the radiator.

The radiator itself is made up of many different parts. The central part of the radiator, known as the core, may form leaks in central structures called cooling tubes. If radiator core leaks are allowed to go unrepaired, overheating and severe damages to other engine components can be the unfortunate result.

You can help to prevent leaks and other cooling system issues by carefully and regularly inspecting your external components. In addition, enlisting the aid of experienced mechanics can give your vehicle an extra edge. At our facilities in the Cherokee, IA area, our certified cooling system technicians can keep your radiator core in good condition. To have a quick, no-obligation consultation with our experts, come by Holzhauer Motors Ltd. today.

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