Silent Rides in the New Buick Encore

In the Buick Encore, you can enjoy your ride in peace. This popular compact luxury SUV is built to keep unwanted noise out. The advanced construction and technology make it possible to enjoy your music and avoid outside distractions. If you're on a road trip, the silence will let your passengers sleep comfortably.

Buick uses QuietTuning technology to reduce road noise. On the doors, three seals are used. Not only does this prevent dirt and water from getting in, but it also prevents sound waves from affecting the cabin. The same goes for the acoustic glass. This glass is used on the front windshield, rear windshield, and side windows.

Hear how quiet the new Buick Encore truly is by visiting us at Holzhauer Motors Inc. We're excited to show you around the new lineup. We'll give you a grand tour and put you in the driver's seat for a test drive.



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