Safety Features in the New Chevrolet Cruze

Check out the safety features in the new Chevrolet Cruze and you will discover why it is recognized as a popular compact car again this year.

One of the safety features in the Chevrolet Cruze keeping drivers safe on the road is the Forward Collision Alert system. The radar will scan far ahead on the road for a vehicle that is moving slower than your vehicle, and assists with braking to help avoid a collision.

When you are driving on the highway and need to change lanes, the Lane Change Alert in the new Chevrolet Cruze is working to keep those blind spots around the car clear. If a vehicle is in your blind spot, your side mirror flashes to alert you to not change lanes. Once clear, the mirror stops flashing so you can move over.

The new Chevrolet Cruze is here on the lot at Holzhauer Motors Ltd., available for a test drive.



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