Let the 2018 Chevrolet Malibu Help Keep You Safe

Chevrolet's 2018 Malibu features a number of cutting-edge safety technologies that will impress safety-conscious car buyers. It comes equipped with a Lane Keep Assist, Forward Safety Awareness, and Rear Cross Traffic Alert, among other innovative smart technologies.

The Malibu's Lane Keep Assist with Lane Departure Warning is a camera system that detects when you unintentionally drift too far outside of your lane. It gently nudges the steering wheel in the direction needed to prevent you from leaving your lane if you fail to correct your driving. This can prevent accidents on busy freeways and city streets.

We invite you to stop by our dealership to take the 2018 Malibu for a test drive and see how the Lane Keep Assist works. At Holzhauer Motors Ltd., our experienced sales staff will be ready to help with any question you have.



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