Holzhauer Motors Ltd. in Cherokee, IA is the place to go when you are looking for the Chevrolet Colorado. The Colorado is a mid-sized truck that has a powerful engine, and it provides you with impressive towing and payload capacities. This truck has a spacious interior and a rugged exterior. The Chevrolet Colorado has a number of convenient technology features available.

When you are driving, you want to stay connected. The Colorado helps to make this easy. This vehicle provides a wireless charging pad that will quickly re-charge compatible smartphones. Multiple USB ports are also available, so your passengers can keep their devices charged as well.

The Chevrolet Colorado offers you the convenience of the Connected Navigation system. This navigation system keeps you updated about traffic jams and slowdowns along your route. You can also find out information about restaurants, hotels and other destinations that you are interested in by utilizing the Colorado's Connected Navigation feature.

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